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Regular Burger

Grill Chicken Burger

৳ 140

Chicken Cheese Burger

৳ 160

Smoky BBQ Burger

৳ 180

BBQ With Cheese Burger

৳ 200

Naga Square

৳ 220
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Menu Type Image

Special Burger

Garlic Mayo Chicken Burger

৳ 250

Twin Cheese & Patty Burger

৳ 280

Mushroom Thrill Burger

৳ 360

Superb Chicken Burger

৳ 360


Oreo Shake

৳ 130

Dairy Milk Shake

৳ 130

Kitkat Shake

৳ 140

Snickers Shake

৳ 140
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Menu Type Image

French Fries

French fries

৳ 100

Wings Box

Crispy Wings Box

৳ 180

BBQ Wings Box

৳ 190
Menu Type Image
Menu Type Image

Fresh Juice

Mint Lemon

৳ 100

Green Mango Juice

৳ 110

Refresh orange

৳ 170

Gua Lemon

৳ 170

Tender Steak Pro.

Tender steak pro.

৳ 299
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Current Offer

Student Platter

৳ 210

A good news for the students ..... A new Student Platter is available at a cheap rate.. Student Platter Price 210/- The Pabulum Highly Pleasant To The Taste....

Customer Feedback

The Superb Chicken Burger and French fires . Fill up the heat and tummy with Joy ☺️☺️???? Classic cocktails · Tasting menus · Cheap eats · Great food · Healthy options

Nuzhat Binta Rahman

I would've given you guys 5 stars for the quality of the burgers you serve. But giving 4 stars because your home delivery service is horrible. I ordered a twin cheese patty burger with an additional patty and a slice of cheese. But when i got home delivery there was one slice of cheese missing. Also ordered a french fry with specific instruction to give 2 sauce,but you guys didn't give even one. Also you guys even didn't give me half of the portion you serve at your place. Really disappointed about this. By the way,the food was ordered via FOODMART.

Mushfiqur Rahman Rafi

Food was very tasty... Environment was also nice...

Asef Mahdi Rakin

One of the best burger in town..the regular french fry was also very appetizing...I just loved it �

Rikta Sen

Undoubtedly best Burger & Fries !!! ???????????? Cosy atmosphere · Great food · Fine dining

Xrin Nashid

Why did you guys changed the flavor of your French fries �I used to love your French fries but today the French fry was so spicy not even juicy at all. The taste was not good at all. Please give us the old French fries back.. �

Sumaiya Sumu

Best Burgerplace ever❤️and French Fries so????????

Sanjida Rahman